Photos from the 2005 Labour Day Weekend
Fly-In and Drive-In at Stanley Airport

Revised Version October 2008

Thanks to Bob Hamilton, Clive Reddin and Roger Phinney of BATANS for helping me out on identifying both autos and planes

Special thanks to David C. Fletcher of Courtenay BC who used to fly in to Stanley and corrected some of my mis-identifications of the aircraft.

Automobiles belong to members of the British Auto Touring Association of Nova Scotia, (BATANS).

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All images copyright (c) 2005, David Tinker. Permission is granted to download and copy these images for personal use.


BATANS Group 1 BATANS Group Photo 1.  Note teal blue MGB GT and blue TR6 in foreground.
BATANS Group 2 BATANS Group Photo 2. (That's my green MGB with the boot open). They're all peering at a very rare and beautiful Vauxhall Victor.
BATANS Group 3 BATANS Group Photo 3.  Lovely wire-wheel MGB with club emblem; noticeably smaller brown MG Midget behind.  Left is an elegant TR3 racing model.
Batans Group 4 BATANS Photo 4.  Magnificent handcrafted wood interior in the TR6.
BATANS Group 5 BATANS Photo 5. The perfectly restored TR3, cockpit details.
BATANS Group 6 BATANS Photo 6.  The Queen of the BATANS fleet today!  Roger Phinney's magnificent Jaguar XK150 coupe, one of a vanishing breed. Thanks to Roger and Bob Hamilton of BATANS for the information.
Van's RV-4 A gleaming Van's RV-4 homebuilt.  That's an RV-6 in the background.
Colourful Van's RV-4 Another colourful RV-6.  Note the humourous registration code!
Joe Hines' RV-4 Joe Hines' RV-4.  In the background is a plane I forgot to identify. Looks almost like an American AA5-B Cheetah but I'm not certain.
Joe's RV-4 Interior Looking into the cockpit of Joe's RV-4.  There is a big investment in avionics inside!
Jodel and Tomahawk Left to right: Piper Tri-Pacer, Jodel D-11, Piper Tomahawk.  Note Casper, the dog relaxing under the Piper.
Casper the Flying Dog Here's Casper.  He and his co-pilot were camping under the wing of his Tomahawk!
Tomahawk interior The cozy cockpit of the Tomahawk.
Jodel D-11, front view Front view of the Jodel.  An uncommon bird in these parts.
Jodel, another view Yet another shot of the Jodel.
Bellanca Citabria A beautifully maintained Bellanca Citabria. (For the uninitiated, "Citabria" is "Airbatic" spelled backwards).
Taylorcraft A beautiful antique Aeronca Champ.
Piper Tri-Pacer Here's that lovely 1950's Piper Tri-Pacer, restored to better than new condition.
HiMax homebuilt A HiMax Homebuilt.  Very nicely built indeed!
HiMax with Kolb in background Another view of the HiMax.  In the background is the plane I want for Christmas, a Kolb Ultralight.  The smudge is a bit of date muffin on the camera lens :-).
Kolb Ultralight view 1 One of three detail views of the Kolb.  It will fit nicely in my barn and take off from my east lawn, so it's a very practical gift for me!
Kolb Ultralight view 2 Looking into the Kolb from the front.  Note the cute little hydraulic brakes
Kolb Ultralight view 3 Here's the power plant on the Kolb.
Cessna 172 A nice Cessna 172 in C.O.P.A. livery
Cessna 170 This beautifully restored Cessna 170 tail dragger is a doyen at the Stanley club. The car in the background is an equally rare Studebaker Avanti.
Piper Cherokee Piper Cherokee owned by Ron Cooper (the head man at   That's man-about-town and champion golfer Fred Fletcher posing by the wing!
Cessna taking off Now for some Fly-By shots. Here's a Cessna 172 taking off.
Cessna flyby 1a Cessna 172 coming in.  The arm signal obviously means "I'm slowing down"!
Cessna flyby 1b Same Cessna leaving. 
Cessna flyby 2a The C.O.P.A. Cessna 172 arriving ...
Cessna flyby 2b and leaving.
Unidentified I had no idea what this is and he didn't land so I could identify it.  Bob Hamilton sniffed round and identified it as a "CT SportWing", built in Germany.
Miranda Couldn't identify this but David Fletcher recognized it as a Miranda (homebuilt).
Challenger ultralight C-IDOG
On the ground again.  A whimsically painted (and registered) Challenger Ultralight.
C-IDOG from the front Front view of C-IDOG.  The real dogs were not in evidence.
Challenger amphibian An unusual amphibian conversion of a Challenger.  I'd like one of these too!
Amphibian homebuilt Here's an Osprey, a homebuilt 2 seat amphibian pusher.  One of these is in the Toronto Aerospace Museum. Thanks to Clive Reddin of BATANS for identifying this.
KR2 Hawk This tiny plane is a KR-2 Hawk based at Stanley. Some radio controlled models are as big as this!
Super Stinson This gorgeous Stinson four seater is another resident at Stanley.
1956 Funk monoplane I saved the rarest bird until the last.  This is a 1956 Funk Monoplane, very probably the only one still flying.  Note the old style registration number.


That's all, folks!

David Tinker
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